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Width 4
Length 2
Thickness 1
CategoryVeneer Sheet


Natural stone veneer is made from real stone quarried from the earth. ... Manufactured cultured stone veneer, on the other hand, is a man-made product designed to resemble natural stone. This product is typically made of concrete and aggregate materials that have been pressed into molds. Establish elegance into your interior decoration with the swirling patterns and astounding colors of flexible translucent natural stone veneer sheets . With the strength and rich texture of a natural stone , and only 1-3 mm of thickness,thin Stone Veneer sheets can be applied to the areas of your interiors that are unreachable for a full natural stone cladding. Adorn your furniture, partitions, niches, cabinets and accent walls with dynamically textured flexible veneer sheets with backlighting.Transparent Stone Veneer Sheets are sliced from slate and quartzite natural stones . Thin and flexible, with the durability and rich textures of natural stone, These veneer Sheets grant a lavish beauty to furniture, partitions, cabinets and other interior and exterior applications when Backlit. Richly textured with splashing patterns and sophisticated colors, translucent veneer sheets can be used to adorn walls, cabinets and the delicate furniture and partitions that cannot bear the weight of natural stone. Explore our collection of transparent natural stone veneer sheets

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